Donegal Traditional Shopfront Guidance

Donegal County Council commissioned this publication as part of the County Donegal Heritage Plan with support from the Heritage Council. The purpose of the publication is to provide an insight into the character and quality of traditional shop fronts in Donegal, their role as part of the living heritage and built fabric in the county at a variety of scale, and to offer guidance to architects, planners and existing shop owners about how to maintain existing and/or to design new shop fronts which continue the rich tradition of shop front design in Donegal. Published in 2019.

from the small country shop, which has almost vanished, to the main feature of most towns, a central hotel, every type of business, from pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, estate agents, solicitor’s offices, hardware stores and bakeries, all endeavoured in the day to give an attractive and eye catching front in order to establish and promote that particular business or enterprise”

Gerry McGarrigle, sign writer